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Temperature Detection Devices

We are excited to announce a new line called Heat Tracker Series. We are offering two different products on our new line. For our restaurant and small retail business customers, we are now offering a tablet that uses contactless wrist scanning to obtain body temperature measurements. This device can scan 20-30 people per minute. It also has built-in audio messages that will say “abnormal body temperature,” or “normal body temperature” The best part is it is all non-contact!

Our second device is catered to our education and government customers. We are excited to introduce our Temperature & Metal Detector Security Gate. This device allows 15-20 people to pass per minute. This device checks body temperature and also has 18 metal detection areas. Not only are you able to do non-contact body temperature, but you are also able to perform metal detection as the visitors enter the building.

Temperature Screening Terminal

Temperature Detection Tablet

Temperature & Metal Detection Security Gate

Temperature Gate