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Our full-service hosting includes improvements, updates, and other graphic and content revisions or additions that are necessary to keep your website fresh, informative, and accurate. This includes the design and development of additional school Web pages

Why Outsource Your Website Hosting?
Although it is not uncommon for school districts to host their school sites on a Web server managed by their IT Department, there are some compelling reasons to consider outsourcing this to the experts in this area:

  • Your IT staff has its hands full with technology issues. Expecting them to be designers, writers, Public Relations savvy, and to seek out and manage your website content on an ongoing basis is often unrealistic.
  • Someone skilled as a dedicated webmaster (programming, writing, graphic design) is a significant expense. The cost for a full-time webmaster can range from $50,000 to $80,000 annually. Letting GovDesigns manage your hosting, updates, and design, eliminates the need for an in-house webmaster. You also eliminate the problem with staff turnover and inconsistency in upkeep and style preference.
  • With the rapid change in technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep servers up-to-date and secure. Due to constant upgrades and the expenses involved with those upgrades, it can save the district money and the IT staff time, by leaving this to companies where this is their core competency.

Website Migrations
Like the look of your current website but you would like a better provider/hosting company?
We will migrate your website to our secure hosting servers!

Please contact us for more details or for a proposal for your school or district.